Catering Menu / Party Trays

One week prior notice required.

   Small TrayLarge Tray
1Fried Chicken Wings
(50 pcs.)
2Spring Roll
(50 pcs.)
3Fried Fish$38.00$70.00
4Fried Shrimp
(small shrimp)
5Salt & Pepper Shrimp
(large shrimp)
6Buffalo Wings
(50 pcs.)
7Bar-B-Q Pork Rib$30.00$58.00
8Fried Rice
(vegetable, chicken or pork)
9Fried Rice
(beef or shrimp)
10Lo Mein/Mei Fun
(vegetable or chicken)
11Lo Mein/Mei Fun
(beef or shrimp)
12Chicken with Broccoli$30.00$58.00
13Beef with Broccoli$35.00$65.00
14General Tsao's Chicken$35.00$65.00
15Orange Chicken$35.00$65.00
16Sweet & Sour Chicken$30.00$58.00
17Teriyaki Chicken$35.00$65.00
18Green Bean$25.00$48.00
19Sauteed Mixed Vegetables$25.00$48.00
20Seafood Delight$40.00$75.00
21Stuffed Shrimp$30.00$60.00
22Stuffed Mushroom$30.00$58.00
23Seafood Alfredo$35.00$65.00
24Seafood Casserole$50.00
25Roast Duck$38.00$70.00
27Collard Greens$25.00$48.00
28Stuffed Crab Shell$30.00$60.00